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Vitamin Love


The Vitamin Love collection began when I grew on my own personal journey and started believing in the Law of Attraction and understanding the power of manifestation.  I also sat back and tuned in more to what I loved in the art making process and my experiences over my creative career  in advertising, journalism, styling, art direction and as a classical artist. This particular piece 'This Is Everything' may have actually been the first in this collection when I started to look for actually famous happily married couples.  This was based on Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.  

As a daughter of parents in a hugely dysfunctional family I realized in order to manifest a healthy relationship I had to envision it and figure out what that really looks like.  This collection started that way and has actually developed into a deeper objective.  To raise our vibrations,  I realized as I was looking for these images of pairs showing each other love, my vibration raised.  I took a breath, I felt love.  And now that is what is propelling this project forward.  


Furthering my theme, I also started looking into couples in the animal kingdom too.  As a lover of typography and having been an Art Director free handing designs first before taking them digital, I have always enjoy hand crafting type.  'Believe' is love doves, and nods to the idea of setting ourselves free to love.  To trust. Believe in love.  Because we are love, and we need to tune into it to be our truest authentic selves. 

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