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The people that share our DNA are not the family we choose and often do not treat us the way family should. I myself have honestly had to find my own family, friends who have supported me constantly through this rollercoaster we call life. They have laughed with me, given me amazing opportunities, lifted me up mentally and emotionally, boosted me and been there when I have needed a hand. I want to give thanks to my friends, there are friends who share my DNA and I want to thank them the most. And those who share my spiritual DNA, blessings! You know who you are, what I mean and where I am coming from.

I based the drawing on my feelings.  I was to be powerful and respected as a woman no matter what
I drew this woman sitting on the 'Guilty' logo for an event, for part of the 'Family' who adopted me early on.

Thank you to the Family McKoy who have always greeted and welcomed me with respect, love and understanding.

#noelmckoy #family

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