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I have always loved music. I learned piano and began as a little kid learning Moonlight Sonata when I was about 5. I was excited to continue but I really wanted to learn to play jazz piano. When I was 16 my 60+ yo teacher Liviu Galbinski on my birthday somehow thought it ok to jump me and stick his tongue in my mouth. Appauled and totally freaked out, that was when my piano lessons ended. I tried to tell my parents what happened by it fell on deaf ears, them thinking it was a ruse for me to find a different Jazz piano teacher which they were not interested in supporting. They couldn't stop my love for the music though and dance, and I definitely bring that into my art, and obviously design. I am currently working on Noel McKoy's album cover and I often paint in squares nodding at the design format of music album covers.

I designed this cover for NexGen Music Group

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